Protective Metrics

Website analytics without compromising user privacy.

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Comprehensive insights into your website's performance while respecting your customers' privacy. Unlike other tracking tools, we don't collect or use any personal data, including IP addresses or fingerprinting, ensuring that your customers' online activities remain anonymous. Choose our service to understand your website's performance while prioritizing user privacy.

Our analytics are designed in the spirit of data privacy laws because respecting privacy is the right thing to do.

Simple Installation

Protective Metrics is easy to install by copying and pasting a JavaScript tag onto any page to automatically start capturing analytics for that page. Place it on your site-wide footer to start tracking all your pages.

No Cookies

There is no need to add a cookie banner for our analytics. We don't set cookies or use other methods to save information to the client's local storage.

No IP Addresses

We don't log IP addresses. We believe that capturing an IP, and then obfuscating it, is only a half measure. An IP included in a hash is still a user fingerprint.

Open Source

Protective Metrics is open source and available on GitHub. This allows our users to inspect the software and verify our claims.

Impressions not Visitors

We don't pretend to track unreliable statistics like visitors. Our primary metric is impressions. We believe that relying on visitor statistics can lead to flawed decision making and misguided marketing efforts. Instead, we believe website owners should focus on a variety of metrics, including site traffic, user engagement, conversion rates, and customer feedback to get a more accurate picture of their businesses performance.

You Own Your Data

There's no vendor lock-in here. You can download your data at any time. There's also an opportunity to build your own tools for evaluating your data.

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